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Past Life Meditation

Sept 30th @4pm
Presented by Tammy Badyna
Join me for a hypnotic journey into a past life. Past Life Regression is a wonderful way to learn about ourselves and reasons we may do or feel the things we do.

I like to start with a brief explanation of hypnotherapy and specifically how past life regressions can help us in our present life.

I start the session with relaxation and then move into the past life regression. I will be taking the participants thru a hypnotic journey into a past life where they can possibly learn where and when this particular life was, who they were, their occupation, how they died, and other details.

After the hypnotherapy session, I like to spend time letting people share their experience if they are comfortable doing so.

They should be aware they will be laying down for approximately 45 min to 1 hour and should bring a pillow, and a blanket.

Investment of $20 person. When booking please add the date of the class you are attending.
PayPal : Tamara Badyna @tbadyna 

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